• What Meg Whitman's Maid Dispute Tells Us Regarding Real Migration Issues

    Every one of the contradictions and also complexities of our nation's immigration policy are being openly revealed in the present contretemps in between California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman as well as her former housemaid, who voluntarily exposed herself this week as an illegal alien.

    Opponents of immigration - including Whitman - often tend to mention migration enforcement in blaring, impersonal terms: Take Whitman's pledge to be "tough as nails" on migration policy. But in Whitman's case as in others, the unsupported claims as well as the fact are much apart.

    Scrape the surface of any kind of immigration debate and you locate the intricate lives of individuals: immigrants that form partnerships with their companies, their spouses and kids, immigrants who belong to communities, who can not be expunged from our lives with the wave of the Boundary Patrol's stick.

    " I was not going to make an example of Nicky," Whitman stated in discussing her hesitation to speed up the deportation of her former housekeeper by calling the authorities. The housekeeper, she claimed, became part of her "prolonged family members."

    That is where real trouble in applying immigration policy lies: just how do you different family members as well as neighborhoods in an effort to cleanse the nation of illegal aliens? In my viewpoint, the answer is you can not. The rate of getting rid of illegal aliens is too expensive, not simply on their lives, however on their communities and families.

    Migration challengers are currently calling Whitman a hypocrite. I concur that she is hypocritical for sustaining a suppression on illegal immigrant employers while trying to hide her very own, maybe unintended, work of one. However to me the actions of her and her husband in trying to prevent the prospective immigration risks of her caretaker, also when they might have thought something was wrong, are not hypocritical. They are human.

    It is easy to be anti-immigrant in the abstract. It is much more difficult when that immigrant is your friend, your partner, when it is the gardener, the butcher, the housekeeper, the caretaker that you depend on. This imbroglio, for all its political ramifications discloses the messiness of human relations that is at the heart of any kind of discussion of migration.

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    That is where the true difficulty in applying migration policy lies: exactly how do you separate families as well as areas in an effort to cleanse the country of prohibited immigrants? Migration challengers are already calling Whitman a hypocrite. To me the actions of her as well as her partner in attempting to stay clear of the possible immigration mistakes of her housemaid, also when they might have presumed something was wrong, are not hypocritical. It is much more challenging when that immigrant is your good friend, your partner, when it is the gardener, the butcher, the housekeeper, the caregiver that you rely on. Caretaker nanny work are just the response to the need of the contemporary life.

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